About Niya Concept

Niya Concept is a perfume company, which has grown fast within the last year. Both retailers and consumers have welcomed our products with open arms. That’s a true testament to the quality of our products. We always aim to have the best quality matching a unique design on the market, which is why we only use the best oils available to us. We produce our own products in our facilities. We are located in Copenhagen, Denmark where our products are being manufactured and sold on to different retailers across Europe.
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Paraben- & Alcohol-free

The essential oils are mixed with a base of non alcohol/ethanol. Our fragrances are also free of parabens.

Miniature size

Our perfumes are perfect in size for everyday life on the go. Its miniature size makes it perfect for the purse, handbag, glove compartment or even to put it in the pocket of your jacket. It’s even allowed as carry-on on planes!

Approved Quality

We take safety and quality very serious, therefore we stay updated on the individual and regulated requirements that European regulations demand.


Top notes of peppermint, spearmint paired with sparkling notes of pettigrain and lemon. For men.


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A luxurious fragrance with citrus top notes of bergamot, lime and deep notes of pettigrain. For men,


Maximum scent experience with Insight into notes of green apple, pine, cedar leaves and lavender. For men.


Starts with sparkling notes of pear blossoms and blue curacao, spruce and cedar. For women.


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Fresh base notes of orange and bergamot. A prevailing wave of jasmine and ylang. For women.


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A perfume which illustrates an exuberant burst of Italian summer. Base notes of woods and patchouli. For women.



Flowers are usually brought for several occasions; a get-together-party, a birthday or just a random visit to family and friends. Along with flowers other items such as chocolate usually accompany the gift. You can also find our perfumes at your local florists. Surprise a loved one with a beautiful bouquet and a fragrance from Niya Concept, which perfectly match any occasion.
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Clothing store

Treat yourself with both new clothes and a new fragrance that will renew your appearance. Our fragrances are modern and long-lasting and will match all personalities. The miniature size of our bottles are both practical and can go along every outfit. The visual appearance of the perfumes is luxurious and will certainly impress.
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When you shop for accessories, you look for that one item that makes you look on top of the world. Whether that item is a watch, handkerchief, scarf or a hat, it is the item that makes your outfit complete. With our modern and fresh fragrances, you can top off your ensemble with a high quality perfume.
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Gift and ideas

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