Niya Concept

Niya Concept is a perfume company, which has grown fast within the last year. Both retailers and consumers have welcomed our products with open arms. That’s a true testament to the quality of our products. We always aim to have the best quality matching a unique design on the market, which is why we only use the best oils available to us. We produce our own products in our facilities. We are located in Copenhagen, Denmark where our products are being manufactured and sold on to different retailers across Europe. For further information on where and how to buy our products, please visit “The Product” page.

Kennett Petersen

Dean Chehalfi

Aasim Andersen


Niya Concept consist of three partners; Dean Chehalfi, CEO & Head of Sales and Marketing, Aasim Andersen, Head of Production, Development and Supply Management and Kennett Petersen, Head of Administration, Finance and HR.