Paraben- & Alcohol-free

The essential oils are mixed with a base of non alcohol/ethanol. Our fragrances are also free of parabens.

Miniature size

Our perfumes are perfect in size for everyday life on the go. Its miniature size makes it perfect for the purse, handbag, glove compartment or even to put it in the pocket of your jacket. It’s even allowed as carry-on on planes!

Approved Quality

We take safety and quality very serious, therefore we stay updated on the individual and regulated requirements that European regulations demand.

When travelling

Around the globe millions of people daily travel by plane and many of those feel like they have to freshen up when they arrive at their destination. Now you don’t have to wait until you arrive at your destination! With our miniature perfumes, you can take them with you everywhere! They are even allowed as carry-on on planes! With our eau-de-perfume, you can remain fragrant wherever you travel.

Before the meeting

The life many people live today is a very busy one eighter running from one meeting to the next or are busy keeping up with different tasks, within the office or all over the city.
Are you working with costumers, then it requires a present personality in how you appear and especially your fragrant.
This is where our mini size eau-de-perfume comes in handy. Helping you to remain fragrant at anytime and everywhere.

At the party

Do you know the challenge of being at a party, dancing and afterwards feel the need to freshen up?
With our small size eau-de-perfume, your fragrance is within the reach.
Wherever & whenever you go, it fits perfectly in a small purse or pocket.
Exclusive eau-de-perfume in a unique design, presentable and attractive to bring along at any party around the globe.

As a present

NIYA Collection, eau-de-perfume comes in a small exclusive pouch, which fits the idea of a nice present.
No time is spend on wrapping up the present.
Buy your wife, husband, family or friends a very nice looking present where fragrance and unique designs are united.
They will be grateful, using it in any ordinary daily situations, due to the petite size fitting in purse, pocket – convenient in any daily situation on-the-run.

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